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Comment: Government fearful of a "VIETNAM STYLE WAR" here....

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Government fearful of a "VIETNAM STYLE WAR" here....

I think even our Founding Fathers would realize how lopsided our military arms are, as compared to the public arms. It's not even a contest with all the bombs, nuclear arsenal, tanks, etc. that our government military has.

Of course, they KNOW this, and so do we. So, why would they be trying to grab our guns, one has to ask! I think I know. Because if they don't take our guns, for what they have planned in our future--nastiness to the nth degree---they know the masses could rebel against them with the limited amount that they have---and they fear not only an all out spread to the masses nation-wide, but---world-wide.

Why would they not want this? For one thing, it would NOT make them look good and it would be far & away too dang bloody, if they were shooting on the masses. At some point, they fear the population would (in a nano-second) turn on them.

So, THAT is the key---at some point the masses might revolt, at least a majority, and will get so fed up with what they are doing that they start rebelling en masse. I have no idea what could trigger this event.

But, DO NOT do anything violent! That would be extremely foolish! Do NOT do that!

****the post below who suggests this so-called "post" is baiting us could very well be true****

However, if this were to happen, it would catch like rapid fire from state to state. Once that happens, do you know how many hills & mountains & buildings & places people could be hiding to counter any military offense they might inflict? It would be VIETNAM all over again, imho.

THAT IS WHAT THEY FEAR---a worldwide revolt---and they are trying desperately to "control" things & numb/dumb the public down until then. DO NOT TRUST ANYTHING THE MEDIA SAYS ABOUT ANYTHING anymore, or for that matter Hollywood & their "agenda" because they are all intertwined, whether it's about stuff we know about, OR any of the "new morals" they are trying to inflict on us, as a means of changing thousands of years of our cultural beliefs to divide us!

But if the masses revolted, then, their whole schemes would fall apart and Nancy Pelosi, Joe Biden, Obama, and Boehner, etc. would be exiting in their fast jets, if the airports or White House guards would even let them go at that point.

You have to remember we are dealing with EVIL on a grand scale at this point.