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That's kind of the reason for this method

Using the food system as an example, if the government wants to control food, the people can buy local.

If the government puts restrictions on sales of any food, they can grow a garden themselves.

If the government still wants to regulate gardens, as in the MN couple that were fined for a front yard garden, or even kill them off with chemtrails and GMO cross-pollination, the food system above allows them to bring the system indoors (away from government eyes).

It even reduces the heat, water and supplies load so government can't identify it as being above normal usages. (Think power bill and heat cameras to identify growers.)

If they come after those selling such a system, the entire design is something that could be downloaded and built by the homeowner. Most of the other solutions are built around these principles to varying degrees.

Which government force do you think they will stop with? Which step will the people stop with?