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Comment: Relax, it's not skynet...

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Relax, it's not skynet...

Technology and engineering are wonderful examples of human ingenuity. This DARPA robot is an exciting showcase of current mechanical design, sensor processing, and state of the art code.

That said, there is a tether that is undoubtedly supplying at least power to make this machine operate. Robots like these consume a not-so-trivial amount of juice. Battery packs would be unrealistic since they are heavy for the robot to cart around and time consuming to recharge. There are other options for power (fuel powered generators, fuel cells, obtaining charges from lasers or inductive fields) but none lend themselves well to small mobile self sufficient human looking robots.

Current design limitations means these things are far from field ready, and even further from being combat ready. No need to bring up the terminator analogies....yet :)

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