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Proof is this. If the buildings collapsed, then there would be mountains of debris and bodies, body parts, computers, office furniture and concrete/other building material where the 'collapse' occurred.

Uh... there was. Huge piles of crap, and plenty of evidence of that point. If I go and dredge up pictures of this, will you agree to stop claiming the whole thing was reduced to "tiny fragments?"

You're not a terrorist, you're just being willfully ignorant in my eyes.

And trying to claim that everyone that disagrees with you (most Americans) is a paid shill or is receiving some sort of government funding is just an extremely absurd argument.

Though let me put this out there: If there is some government body that pays cash out for busting up "truther" theories, then I'm owed some serious back pay for the last 5 years.

Eric Hoffer