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The Free and Equal Elections Foundation

The 2012 Free and Equal debates were on RT, CSPAN, Al Jazeera, LinkTV, Free Speech TV, Ora.TV and those were just the bigger outlets that carried them last year, there were a number of smaller ones, and tons of new media..they were in the tops on Twitter that night and the next day. Enough people watched them that Jimmy Kimmel Made fun of us.

We made that happen in about 2 months. Now Free and Equal has a few years to make what they produce in 2016 absolutley massive. And it won't be just right before the election this next time around. Christina Tobin, Marci Forgrave and myself laid out a 6 point plan to take what was seen by about 10 million people last year to something that has the potential to be seen by 100 million here and around the globe (an international audience is important too, we were inundated with foreign journalists who had no idea there were anything besides D's and R's in America for weeks after our debates last year) and they won't just be right before the election.

I want debates that start late spring/early summer, with 8-10 candidates and a low vote winner going home every week, (last year you could vote for your favorites online,in 2016 it will be from your phone) with our last candidate standing right before the D/R debates in the fall. Think there might be some public demand to have that candidate included on that stage? I sure do!

In Liberty, Zak Carter

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