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Comment: Violence against who?

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Violence against who?

Those elected officials? Well, they were elected, so while you may not like it - clearly some people do
Those cops? Which ones exactly- the ones in Dallas - oh the ones you mean that are now under investigation thanks to the peaceful pressure put on by activists?
Those TSA agents?
I went through TSA and had no issues - not one single groping.
As a matter of fact - I forgot my phone in one of the buckets and the agent came and found me to give it to me. Very nice guy - not exactly worthy of a beating or violence.

My point- I don't like any of this stuff, but the fact is, you don't go hurting innocent people because you are not winning. Plain and simple. There is no call to violence because there is no breakdown in the system. The other side is just doing a better job of moving the needle in their direction.

Those fighting in the revolution really had no choice - the British army was at the door step. Men like Patrick Henry were already facing near certain death - they were labled traitors to the crown. Not just a tax burden or a nuscance - real death. The minute the declaration was signed - every signor had a death sentence. The stakes were a little higher.
DHS is nowhere to be found. They are not at the door step. Nobody is.

Make that hard choice? What must happen first?
If the time comes, you will know you have no choice and you will quickly lose all the romanticing you did about a second revolution.
600,00 died in the Civil War - how many does that translate to today? Millions upon millions.
Death, disease, starvation, misery - yeh that sounds great.

Or you can give up your silly notions and work hard now so that day never comes.