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Here we have (finally!), a calm and rational discussion of gun rights and gun control, with three reporters who dispassionately and conversationally explore the stances taken by Gun Owners of America, but the headline is "PRATT SCHOOLS GUN CONTROL CHEERLEADERS" and a commenter slams the reporters (one a writer for the right-leaning Washington Times) as "talking potatoes."

I think we're all supremely irritated by Piers Morgan's approach, yet when the media offers a true discussion, allowing Pratt to answer questions without being interrupted, some posters get inflamed just as much as if we had three Piers Morgans lashing out. Talk about a hair trigger!

Pratt is an infinitely better spokesperson than the NRA's LaPierre. I don't currently donate to either organization, but if that changes, my dollars will be going to Gun Owners of America.