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Be more dramatic. No where in my post did I embrace an act of violence as a preferred solution.

If you go back, might notice that I was referring to everyone seeming to resent any form of violence, even in self defense of our liberties.

My question was, at what point does violence become an option? Never did I say I wanted to drop everything I was doing and storm the gates of the White House (for the sensitive types on this board, this is not a serious sentence, stop being paranoid).

So again, the question was "what are your thoughts on violence as an option". You can say "it is never an option", but no where did I say " CMON YALL LETS GET GOIN HERP DERP."

EDIT: Also please note, you say "work hard so that day never comes." I am sorry but that is a naive way of thinking. While I hope that you are right and it never comes, thinking that we can 100% prevent it is foolish. Healthy conversation about the possibility is fine. Stop letting cognitive dissonance control your responses.