Comment: I do not beleive any of this.

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I do not beleive any of this.

Too much about Sandy Hook does not add up, and now they add to the story? This kid disappeared form computers and everywhere since 2009. No record of him anywhere.

"We hear at the 4 minute mark "we have one suspect down." The next message is completely stepped upon and inaudible. Right after, another 'EMP' asks "where suspect down?" Shortly after that, we hear what appears to sound like "end the life of Adam". Is this just background noise of some sort or do we have 'the smoking gun' that Adam Lanza was merely another patsy in the long line of drug addled loners targeted by 'dark forces' to play the role of the 'Joker' in the illuminati's sick game of cat and mouse? What do you think? Paranoid conspiracy theorizing or proof that Adam Lanza was a CIA MKUltra patsy put to rest, his death sentence caught for eternity on the Sandy Hook emergency scanner?"