Comment: You have been tricked

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You have been tricked

Go back a few steps and relearn.

Greed is most certainly not defined as "...wanting more and more and it is never enough, as in wealth, or power." If that was the term's definition, which human could possibly ever declare what is "enough" for the "needs" of others? That's like saying there's "not enough love" in the world. Who's ever gonna be in a position to coerce more love out of anyone?

Try to persuade others to desire less stuff and love more people, sure. Once someone has decided that they want something, though, their approach to acquiring that thing is all that determines their morality. The original greed -- the desire for the thing -- is irrelevant.

Greed is not an addiction any more than sorrow is an addiction. It is the h-u-m-a-n a-c-t-i-o-n associated with nature-given greed which determines one's morality.