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Comment: You already started off wrong by ASSUMING that I wouldn't

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You already started off wrong by ASSUMING that I wouldn't

like them. I already agree with your first 3 answers - haven't read the rest yet. The point of this post is not to "JUDGE" or "POINT FINGERS". It's too bad people have jumped to that conclusion. The point of this post is to have us question ourselves as to why we disagree vehemently with certain things and restrictions(laws) the government places on us for certain specific reasons, yet when those same specific reasons are applied to immigration, they go out the window. It's like the Christian that disagrees with abortion, but is completely okay with thousands of people(including Americans) overseas. I don't get that. So in trying to understand both sides of the immigration issue, I asked these specific questions here on the DP, because for the most part, we do agree on the drug and 2nd Amendment issues.

I'm scanning the rest of your answer as I type, and I seem to agree with "most" of it, but also disagree with some of it. And I think it has to do with opinion more than fact.

Since you brought up the fact of the BS you had to go through with the Customs agent and you also like Lew Rockwell, I'll leave you with this article of his that pertains to the topic. I don't know if maybe you already read it. Particularly the last few paragraphs:

Thanks again for you answers and in the future, please try to refrain from judging by assumption. Peace.