Comment: Some of her comments frankly

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Some of her comments frankly

Some of her comments frankly come across as racist and entitled.

Folks, "Brown" and "Yellow" students are getting into US schools because they kick the ass of everyone else. That is simply what it is; there is no special treatment.

Plus, she is applying to an Ivy league school. A GPA and SAT score that low aren't going to get her there, especially with the way schools are cutting down on class sizes.

A lot of these schools, in any case, prefer to use percentages rather than raw scores. At one school, a 4.5 and a 2120 might put you just in the top 10%, while in the other school, it might make you the valedictorian. Universities make the assumption that the first school doesn't have "smarter/better/talented" students, it just has better prepared students. Often, that argument is exactly that the truth is.

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