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Comment: A warning for zero tv households

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A warning for zero tv households

I work for a major Internet Service Provider in the US, and have a warning for those who have cut their cable cord and are now only viewing content over the internet.

The cable companies are able to offer internet at the rates they do because they expect a certain amount of traffic per user on the network. As more people shift to streaming all of their content over the internet rather than watching cable, this has an extremely large impact on the network.

Even just five years ago, most users were only browsing the web and sending email, traffic which can be measured in megabits. When you shift to streaming movies and tv via netflix and hulu, your traffic has gone up 1000 fold and the carrier has to account for this in their back end infrastructure.

Cable companies obviously want to make a profit, and this is negatively impacting their business. So, one of two things is going to happen:

1. The cost of your internet service is going to skyrocket.

2. Cable companies will shift away from static monthly charges and shift to a Utility model. Your usage will be tracked and you will be billed based on how many gigabits of data you use each month similar to how mobile carriers currently operate. (more likely possibility and has already happened in Canada).

So, enjoy the cheap bandwidth while you can. Within five years you will probably be paying as much for your streaming as you did for you cable package.

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