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Come on Dexter

"explain silver backs to me?"

Okay I will -- but first you explain their gut-flora and bacterium profile..........a human would die if you tried a fecal transplant with a wild primate; they are way way to robust for us (our system).

Gorilla's eat the living hell out of driver ants -- driver ants eat meat.

Gorillas also eat other insects and small invertibrates.

So there -- that explains them #1 their gut flora / bacterial profile can break down tree husks, hard fibers, and pith AND #2 they eat meat (Directly and Indirectly).

Chimpanzees - even more so (including Bonobos -- where females lead the hunt).

Same is true for Organutans.

So there! Explained -- Gorillas are NOT vegetarians, at all. In the same way the chinese (china study) all ate some amount of meat and as their wealth grows they eat more of it.

So longevity might be connected to meat eating but not an absence of it but the "right amount" and the "right kind"