Comment: I highly recommend this documentary!

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I highly recommend this documentary!

What makes this documentary so effective in my opinion is that many of those interviewed in the film are actually those who have benefited the most from this war. I am talking about law enforcement, prison guards, judges, prosecutors, etc.

When you have someone whose life is defined by this war tell you that they have come to the realization that they were wrong and that we need to get our priorities straight, decriminalize drugs, and end this war, it is a very powerful message.

You can rent it on itunes. It is well worth watching particularly if you watch it with family or friends who are pro drug war. It will have a lasting positive impact.

BTW, I went to grad school with Professor Carl Hart who is also interviewed in this film. Carl is a Columbia University professor who has conducted and published some very controversial human research on marijuana, cocaine, ecstasy, and methamphetamine which undermines much of the prowar propaganda surrounding these drugs.

You might also be interested in Dr. Hart’s forthcoming book High Price

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