Comment: Someone asked why I had not commented on this, so here goes.

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Someone asked why I had not commented on this, so here goes.

"Our job, now is to get these people the support and funding they need to get on their feet. Most often, it isn't even that much. We just have to remember that they are producing these solutions on their own dime while trying to survive the same family struggles that the rest are wrestling with."

Sorry, that is where you lose me. I have spent 2 years actively promoting aquaponics, giving fish, seeds, barrels, support, knowledge,anything I had to share, I gave away. I've been posting videos for years to try to get others to build a system. Now I am building our system, the intent is to make it large enough to supply the food pantries in the two rural counties where I live / farm. We are draining the last of our savings to make this happen. The irony in that sentence was too much for me. My husband started working a second job today, at 52 years old he will be pulling graveyard shifts prn after his full time day job. Yeah, we are struggling, and if anyone wants to help make this system come together, we'll take all the help we can get. But I don't think you are suggesting anyone help us, I think you want me to buy / promote your system idea. Let me share a secret with you - people like to design their own, and when they do they understand it better and it can be made to suit their situation.
I like very much that you are looking for solutions, and after reading the rest I realize I did not give your thread a fair shake - I thought it was going to all be about aquaponics. As for ending the NWO, only one way to do that: Jubilee.

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