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I'll explain, you won't like it.

The notion that we "own" the earth is absurd. Does your grandchild own you? After I die and have rotted to dust, who will remain? What owns who? Not "law" - reality - no person can really "own" the earth. And the irony is, the "title" that we use to "prove" we own a piece of it is actually our unwitting consent to the notion that someone bigger than all of us DOES own the earth and can take your land from you at any time, even with your pretty paper.
OK, so there is "stewardship." I know, the UN tainted that word, too, but I don't care what the UN says, I am trying to communicate. Try to understand me, or pick at my words - the option is yours. If I am being a proper custodian of my home and the area surrounding it, and every other human was welcome to go and make a home wherever there was an area not being tended... who would argue "property lines?" People could band together and build apartments with common garden areas, or go to the country and give farming a try, whatever pleased them.
Yes, idealistic. One of the saddest things humans do is give up on the best ideas because they are idealistic. Irony.

Love or fear? Chose again with every breath.