Comment: skipped 1st step & privatize profits socialize losses & marxists

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skipped 1st step & privatize profits socialize losses & marxists

Before all of this happened organizations protested at banks and in DC to lower lending standards. These org's said tight lending was Racist! They claimed racist white banks kept standards high to prevent poor and minorities from lifting themselves out of poverty. Bill Clinton forced banks to lower requirements of mortgages. Plus he increased government backing to agenties like Fannie and Freddie.
Overtime most of the mortgages became guaranteed by the Federal Gov through Fannie & Freddie. So they were 100% safe for the investor. But 100% unsafe for US Tax Payer! Politicians sold us out not by lowering regulations but guaranteeing private investments. They "privatize profits socialize losses" to buy investors. They gave homes to poor to buy them off. Only regular conservative middle class got screwed because they were forced to bailout everyone.
"Top-down and bottom-up" strategy for change. Use of optics to leverage a small group to look like a big group. Demand progressive change towards a communist utopia.
The "plan" and driving force was "The Cloward-Piven Strategy". Communist started WWI to prompt a worldwide workers movement to overthrow capitalism. It didn't work. After WWI Marxists formed a group to study why it didn't work. This group the "Frankfurt school" found American workers were getting rich or middle-class too easily and didn't want Communism. 1930s-50s during WWII, Frankfurt school moved to Columbia University in NYC. The married team of Richard Andrew Cloward and Frances Fox Piven were American socialist. Piven from Canada parents Jewish Russians. Cloward got his masters' in Social Work in 1950, became professor in '54 and Ph.D in Sociology '58 all at Columbia Univeristy. Both wrote an article in the May 1966 issue of The Nation titled "The Weight of the Poor: A Strategy to End Poverty" advocating overloading social & welfare programs to economically collapse the USA.
Dude with a tan is just a pawn and weed didn't cause it. Capitalism and greed has nothing to do with the crash. We haven't live under capitalism since 1913... We have Socialist Macro-economics & Micro-economics is capitalist. Governments & Big Biz are socialist and individual people are capitalist. Within 3-7 years Gov will be Communist if we can't stop it.
F.F. Piven: