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If you're not sure...

Then I'm not sure why I'd be listening to you.

If you want to give a full account instead of just fallible anecdotes I'll hear you out. Until then I don't know why someone who could be potentially be eating McDonald's salads and shoving his face full of eggs would be very convincing.

All my friends who switched over to a vegetarian diet helped them through some very dire health problems, and all through it their "friends" harped on them over it. When I asked why they would say such cruel things about someone trying to improve their diet they just said things like "You're assumptions are wrong, biased and shows your intolerance."

Bravo, good demonstration showing accusations and aggression prove nothing.

And now I am STILL left wondering why these people get healthier eating their veggies. Unless people stop attacking me for simply asking questions the only thing left I will have to do is try the vegetarian diet myself and see first-hand.