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You want "warped"??

Check out their libertarian Communist Collectivist manifesto:

Instead of trying to silence or ignore the crazies in our midst, we ought to confront them and expose the lunatic fringe for what they really are: peddlers of fear, falsehood, and paranoia, just like the politicians they claim to oppose. We cannot sit passively next to the people in tinfoil hats screaming about chemtrails and FEMA camps and still expect to be listened to when we try to speak about our real concerns on foreign policy or personal liberty.

What discredits and defames libertarianism is not the belief that government is corrupt, exploitative, or conniving. Rather, what hurts the cause of liberty most is when its alleged proponents lie, libel, and twist the facts. As skeptics, we realize that the evil perpetrated by our government mostly results not from the plots of secret cabals, but from the unintended consequences of bad ideas. In the name of opposing those ideas, we must not let ourselves become a carrier for another set of malignant beliefs.

Libertarians need to practice a kind of “conversational intolerance” within our movement, exacting a social penalty every time a person tries to hijack our message with false and nonscientific claims. We must make the libertarian movement inhospitable to the crackpots and conspiracy theorists if we hope to move the philosophy of liberty from the margins to the center of public discourse. It needs to be crystal clear to everyone that our ideas based on–and defended with–facts and evidence, not superstition and innuendo.

Anyone who'd arrogantly practice a commie 'purge' via idiotic pseudo-intellectual exile deploying “conversational intolerance” and lazily ostracize those with substantiated openviews as "fringe" or "conspiracy theorists," clearly have no clue how to, or Google, let alone know WTF they're talking about.

Also ANYONE who are more concerned about 'policing our own' to purge from 'our movement' are collectivist hacks posing as individualists. The latter are more driven by an urge, and freedom to share and discuss info, not make it their solemn Raison d'être to shun, for the sake of 'saving' and polishing the 'liberty movement' as if it's their private prized shiny fragile Fabergé egg. looks like the official neoCon hijacking attempt vs. liberty movement. Check out some of their headlines:

The “Monsanto Protection Act” That Doesn't Protect Monsanto

Fake Quote Files: Adolf Hitler on Gun Control

“Government shouldn’t be in the marriage business.”

The Real History of the Fed: Why It Didn’t Take a Miracle (Or a Conspiracy!) to Pass

Why Big Pharma Conspiracy Theories Fail

Fake Quote Files: Mussolini on Fascism and Corporatism

The New World Order – A Personal Statement

Fact-Checking Ben Swann: Is the UK really 5 times more violent than the US?

Here's a rebuttal from a r3VOL vs. "skeptical" libertarian:

A true skeptic is someone who actually examines all available info, not draw up a-prior conclusions and expose oneself to those views which they're already predisposed to preferring.

Just what we need more of: douchebag cadre of Michael SQUiRMer The Skeptic Magazine editor wannabe MiniMes.

But thanks for linking to the site. Otherwise, would've never known that the Reason/CATO set were dispatching their own Hitler Jugends.

God, the neoCon Faketarians never rest, do they? Don't know what's worse, Trotskyites infiltrating the Goldwater movement to become neoCons, or Faketarians raising their own Hitler Jugends, post-Ron Paul era and calling themselves 'skeptical' libertarians, you know, because 'conspiracies' don't exist in the real world and if you're a libertarian who wants to discuss or expose it, well then you must be on Jack Hunter's baddie list!

Predictions in due Time...

"Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it's realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy." - Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul