Comment: I wouldn't count on it, esp not from this.

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I wouldn't count on it, esp not from this.

The participation rate is not a good gauge to measure "economic recovery".
Note the participation rate went parabolic about the time women's lib kicked into high gear. This is merely a re-balancing of excess workforce availability over the last 50 years as women flooded the workplace. The rate may stabilize here, or it may go down more. It won't return to 1950 levels, but it surely will settle below the parabolic peak, as all market charts do.
There is still a ton of de-leveraging occurring globally. Gold seems poised to test further lows before reversing trend. It has fallen through key support levels, and shows no oomph on the upside, despite the day's events. I am of the opinion metals are in a "bear trap", and have been for the past 18 or so months. No one knows when it will turn, but there is no real sign of soon.

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