Comment: You're right I didn't catch that, but I'm glad you did

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You're right I didn't catch that, but I'm glad you did

Good post dducks!

I for one don't think I'd have it in me to leave all of my loved ones, and everything I know behind, for a place that "maybe" offers some benefits. At what cost though? A lot of the guys don't work at cushy air-conditioned office jobs. They work 16 hour days on their feet for less than minimum wage, usually in not so ideal conditions. It's a sacrifice they choose to make in order to provide for their families, and for that alone, they have my respect.

I couldn't see myself ever doing it, specially considering some of the hostilities directed towards you. But then again, if my kids were starving, who knows?

I blame Mexico AND the U.S. government above all else. A thought just crossed my mind. What if a state, say Chicago(murder capital & economically FUBAR) had a mass exodus of people wanting to move to a "safer" state, where there were jobs available. The catch being that the other states didn't allow any more residents due to overpopulation or whatever reason. I wonder if that was the scenario, how many here would react? I wonder if they would react differently if Chicago was another country and they had family in Chicago. Interesting thought.