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Comment: This thing is going viral in Christian-talk circles..

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This thing is going viral in Christian-talk circles..

...I have a charge to professing Christian voters who REJECTED Ron Paul, and went with the kingmaker's recommendations...

She just said "Hitler Youth" ... Anyone? See where this is going, folks?

DHS armed to the hilt, TSA staffed by suspect individuals who don't understand privacy rights...the ONLY jobs that will be available to college graduates are government jobs...we live in a bankrupt nation that is operating as a benevolent dictatorship that prints fiat currency ad infinitum!!!

Obama Youth is coming... Wake Up America ... Get involved in the Liberty Movement right where you're at!

Surely the battle is spiritual, it was in our founders day too! But they sacrificed their lives, their fortunes, and sacred honor for their posterity...with the same selfless attitude our Christian Martyrs did to spread the Gospel...

Don't sit on your hands, heap to yourself teachers and politicians and clergymen who tell you what you WANT to hear; this Republic is crumbling, and we're being attacked at every side....this is NOT a Hollywood movie...don't sit on your hands waiting for the rapture, Christ said "occupy 'til I come"