Comment: The main problem I have with

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The main problem I have with

The main problem I have with your post is:

A) All of your life savers you suggest are state and federally funded and therefore will propagate an expanded use of them.


If you want to eliminate the state, you have to supplant the state, and replace the functions that legitimize it.
If you want to dislodge the present elite, you have to form an elite of your own and engage it in its own arena.

Exactly something I'd expect from an establishment Republican or from the Romney camp.


No heed to the actual nature of human behavior, interests, motivations, social forces of power and influence, or how ideas are actually spread in society and institutions captured.

Strawman, very large assertion of people you do not know.


Amidst all the polemicizing, rhetoric, electioneering, pamphleteering, and fruitless academic scribbling; the endless disagreements over every nuance, who has even taken the FIRST STEP toward providing any, let alone all, of the basic, fundamental structures and supports of social order and stability, in lieu of the state? Who has even suggested doing so?

You are asking for RomneyCare. The correct response is to let the state fail. Homogenous communities will form on their own, in their own time, as Hayek theorized. You are assuming all humans except a select few have the knowledge and know how to form networks, quite the opposite, all humans share this trait.

Again, all of the answers you are providing are the antithesis of the Liberty movement and only prolong the suffering. When the state fails, people will realize that it was all a charade and the power to do, to make, to live was in their hands all a long.

Southern Agrarian