Comment: I can see how ironic it seems from your pov

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I can see how ironic it seems from your pov

but what you may not understand is that only 'some' people want to build their own. For them, I say, "Go for it. Improve and share it around. The more, the merrier."

For the rest of the sleeping masses, they WILL NOT BUY UNTIL IT'S TURNKEY. This is the key point in the entire post. So many people won't do squat unless they can plug it in and watch it work. I've helped so many people set up some device, machine or whatever by simply following the directions they refused to read. The latest one was, if you can believe it... an ice cream maker. They simply wanted someone to show them how to add the ice and rock salt instead of reading maybe 2 pages in a tiny booklet (yet they actually did read the recipe page that followed the ice page.)

Those people deserve to benefit from aquaponics just as much as those who are more DIY. If an all-in-one controller can be built which does everything from monitoring to pumping to powering the lights, then that many more people will get off the corporate food treadmill. As this grows, it removes the power of these mega companies over even the parts of the food chain you still rely on. Is that something you support?

Regarding jubilee, the only way I see that happening is if we switch to a different currency and then crash theirs. Doable but still needs way more than 51% support. Right?