Comment: My experience has been different

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My experience has been different

The people who we helped set up "turn key" never understood what they were doing or why, and their systems failed. The ones who designed their own knew what every part was, and what to do if it malfunctioned.
People are already selling automated systems, so I do not doubt there is a market for them. I simply would not expect these people to keep their systems running after the first problem arises. If you really want people off the corporate food treadmill, the key is education. If they are still so zombified they expect it to be effortless, they are not really ready to take control of their situation.
And we don't have to switch to "a" 'nother currency, we need to start accepting ANY other currency. Rather than always looking to make another FRN, we meed to learn to seek out other forms of payment.

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