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Comment: Thatcher Admin Was Complicit in Paedophilia

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Thatcher Admin Was Complicit in Paedophilia

The Thatcher administration was associated with more paedophiles than, arguably, any other government administration in the modern day... David Icke (yes, the Reptilian thing is unlikely, please don't derail the conversation with that) has been repeatedly exposing this fact. Don't take his word for it, look at his sources and his sources sources. They have worked tirelessly to cover this up, but paedophile politicians is a HUGE issue, global in scope and the Thatcher Administration is highly implicated.

You can follow Jimmy Savile to the Royals, the Thatcher Admin, Ted Heath, etc... A bunch of kid rapists and they have not been arrested yet. The unaired Discovery documentary Conspiracy of Silence is also a great documentary on the American factions of the political paedophile rings.