Comment: This is a very, very, crucially valid point.

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This is a very, very, crucially valid point.

I for one think that a paralell social alternatives are completely possible in appropriate areas. The notion that 'The state wants a monopoly implies the state is a living entitiy when truthfully its no more than a collection and network of self-serving individuals. The state is as dangerous as it is because it is strong. That "Hideous Strength" (as the Tower of Babel was once described in a poem) is what makes it dangerous and its pillars consist of many private entities. Let's get our enemies straight. Its power-hunger that is what we need to watch out for. Public services are not the enemy if the fat is trimmed and they are run within a budget.

Our utopic notions do hold us back sometimes from taking crucial interim steps toward a more libertarian world. Let's not go tearing out a cancer, let's remove it strategically and make sure our diagnosis doesn't kill the patient, which is, at the end of the day, us.

This post is the sober plea of a "public option libertarian" and we need more of these.

"Life isn't all Beer and Skittles" - Thomas Hughes