Comment: they lied!

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they lied!

we allowed them stewardship of thousand year old roads and resources. Now they sold it to themselves and put us in jail for walking on it. We can own the road and fix it too. this makes sense financially and politically. We can't decide on anything because few of us even speak the same language. We must first agree on a definition of freedom together and go from there, as some of us already are. The more alternative infrastructure or elite we authorize into this, the better. We must inspire children to understand and embrace language, as it is slipping and being stolen as fast as Hollywood can misguide us.

Hundreds of years from now, people will wonder why we went to so much work to take responsibility, personally, for so many things , then they will get to learn this same lesson over again.

Liberal?? I think not! Cheated out of a single common language? certainly!

Responsibility and work will be well sought after honors before any of these symptoms of laziness will be understood. Technology that got us into it faster, will get us out even faster.