Comment: Ahh but there in lies the challenge

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Ahh but there in lies the challenge

That Ron Paul so plainly lays out when he says, "the freedom and great prosperity we had for so many years left many to get lazy or forget the importance of liberty" (paraphrasing).

Furthermore, the idea that we can do many things to supplant the state before ending the state is accurate to a point, that there are certain laws and rules put in place that prohibit or inhibit an individuals ability to do certain things by the state does protect its ability to monopolize an issue.

Otherwise, you are right. Our general goal is to essentially aim for all to be peaceful, enlightened individuals which is an insurmountable task. Being virtually impossible then, it may be futile? But does that preclude us from trying?

I do want to get more involved but I have to continue learning and get my own house in order.

But don't be a Debbie downer....if for nothing else let our voices and efforts rail against those cold and ccnfused souls that aim to wittingly and unwittingly bind us with their state manifestations. I for one will die looking for the utopia than embracing futility.