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Only in monopolized cities

This is only true in places where a single provider has a monopoly on broadband Internet service. Because otherwise competition and Moore's law would keep prices from rising. Unfortunately, there are far too many places where local governments have granted unearned monopolies to one cable company or one phone company, creating a de facto duopoly.

The solution to this is to get your local government to stop granting monopolies to cable companies and phone companies, and allow the free market to do its thing.

This is also the solution to "Net Neutrality", by the way. You don't need government-legislated net neutrality if you have competition. The mid-to-late 1990's showed this, as proprietary "Online Services" like AOL, Compuserve, Prodigy, GEnie, MSN, eWorld, etc. all died out because people just wanted plain-jane Internet service for the lowest price, and were able to dial their phone line to any provider they wanted.