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You make lots of assumptions

First of all, the free market capitalism does NOT account for resource use. It uses them up as fast as possible until just before the end of the supply. Take oil, for example. We're using it way too fast and instead of planning for a switch, we're dumping tons of money and wasting tons of other resources into finding ways to get it faster. Most free market advocates are even blatantly against conservation, alternative energy and anything that slows the 'drill, baby, drill' mentality. If you don't like that example, try deforestation, over-fishing, river and gulf poisoning, pollution, mercury toxification, acid raid, or even climate interference issues. The system is patently dysfunctional absent some accountable authority showing exactly what these problems are leading to.

You're big assumption, however, is that computers would only be pre-programmed with fixed numbers of equality for all. That's insane. Any system designer worth his salt would base limits on the overall trend of use and not even be involved in individual use. If you can get past the indoctrinated picture of what 'human nature' supposedly is, you'll find that peer pressure is the best behavior modifier. And even if it did get to the individual level, it would be equally insane to think that just because this person wanted 1 of something that everyone would also. You're not giving the designers the benefit of this most obvious knowledge.