Comment: Thanks for the reality check.

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Thanks for the reality check.

"When the present deranged elite is done destroying the entire fabric of society, and a collapse does come, whether hastened by its opponents or not, the result will not be a flowering of Liberty, the holding of hands and the echo of a thousand voices raised in the praise of individual Liberty and non aggression.

No. Rather, a new, worse tyranny will arise, borne not of evil but of necessity, to restore basic order and security for hungry, disillusioned millions, morally and socially bankrupt, and turning to whatever primitive bonds of group cohesion that promise to allow at least survival and basic security, liberty be damned."

I couldn't have said it better myself, and it's a very simple reality to understand. The only conclusion I can come to is those who advocate collapse while tearing at the fabric of society knowingly serve what I oppose. People will flock to anybody offering them what they need and covet, liberty be damned.