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I have seen

many postings on this site that refer to people who are doing the work. I must say that second to a good grounding in libertarian philosophy I would choose, How to grow and preserve food, how to protect against calamity by defense and preparedness. How to get involved in local politics, how to be an activist. How to create and manage energy from alternative sources. How to invest, how to use bitcoin and other alternatives. How to educate at home.How to take take of health and medicine at home. How to make biochar ( bamboo is my favorite ). How to start a fire. How to compost human, animal and vegetable waste. How to eat healthy. Learn all these things and so much more, just following links found here. But it is much more effective to follow through and learn and do these things, perhaps not all of them... but many. Then share what you know with others.

It's hard work, to learn and do and share. But it will be harder if those around you lack these skills.

They will turn to anyone who promises help, help them help themselves and they will not look so quickly for a strongman government, but instead we will take time and discuss and haggle while we put out the fires.

What good is Freedom of the press, if the Press will not Press For Freedom? - UR

Ask not what your government can do for the people, ask what can the people do for the people. - UR