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Nice display of arrogance, ya got there

Just because someone isn't ready to do everything your old-school, manual way, you're ready to write them off until they come around to your education on how they should do it. That's what I get when I read your words. That's just sad, really sad.

What people don't realize is that aquaponics is extremely simple. It can be explained literally in seconds to pretty much anyone I know. However, the implementation of actually doing it is most certainly not easy. For example, how do you educate people to test their pH, ammonia, nitrites, nitrates, EC and minor minerals? Do you give them an $80 meter for each one or do you present them with a ton of instructions on counting drops and comparing colors in some calibrated container? Are you telling me that someone who finds this specific step as too much work or as daunting information, you would deny them a single box which displays those parameters on a screen?

I could go on at length on the number of assumptions you make by your statements that alienate those masses that will never listen to your, 'it's very hard so pay lots of attention here' lessons.

Don't get me wrong here. I'm not saying what you're doing is wrong. We all need the pioneers to make and learn from mistakes. We just don't need them to be so myopic that they can't allow a little technology to help them out.

And I never said we needed a single currency. I said we need a different one. By that, I was implying that the world needs to get the control wrestled away from the US FRN being the reserve currency and from governments mandating it. Give me a little credit, will ya?