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Simmer Down Okay, Right

Let me ask you something, are you a parent? Have you ever been around 7 year old kids? comparing a child of 7 to someone that is old enough to PLAN and engage in standing on top of an overpass tossing rocks or eggs or whatever is really not being reasonable if you have had experience with kids. I don't think I need to simmer down. I think people need to stop expecting CHILDREN to act and think like ADULTS. However, it seems to me that most ADULTS nowadays think and act like CHILDREN! Geez, the point of my post is whether it's right that a 7 year old should be charged with freaking FELONIES, and as usual everyone changes the point to some stupid pointless crap like the parents being douchebags or the poster needing to simmer down. Where is the outrage about our kids being treated and CHARGED like adults? What is wrong with this picture including the reaction by people on DP?