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Thanks for the links! Did you read this:

and this tells about when the lessons will be available:
It is strange, I have considered home schooling today. You see, I wanted my boys to go to school so they could be around lots of people with good personalities as opposed to their mother who is abit shy and timid and does not enjoy groups of people at a time...

We live 20 miles from the private school. They do not have any close friends, and as a matter of fact, they are abit on the outside. I don't like it. It seem that what I was trying to avoid is actually what they have run into and I think it is still because of my anti-social personality because if I was buds with all the moms they would naturally fit in with the kids. Spilling my guts here. It was a hard afternoond as my youngest was the 3rd wheel and actually left out of some fun...on purpose...and it was not so much that he was left out. He was actually locked out, literally, as the other 2 boys watched a movie in the van when they could have all been playing together. He is only in 3rd grade. I expect that kind of treatment in 6th grade. Not 3rd. It makes me feel sick for him.

When I picked up the boys the 5th grader's teacher told me that my son had confided in her that some people seem to be popular, but they are not very nice. She said it seems to be bothering him. We didn't get to finish the conversation because the boys arrived at the car ready to climb aboard.

They are getting a good education. Both are going to the regional spelling b's this spring. Both have straight A's. But I don't know how important that is when they don't have a secure peer-friendly environment. That kind of stuff is why I started taking drugs in 6th grade...

Thanks mdefarge. I needed to get that out.