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might want to mix it up

and get something besides 9mm. I used to think it was a good idea to consolidate to just a couple easy to find calibers...but then when the Newtown shooting happened I found myself without any place to buy ammo. 9mm is hard to find in my area, just like .223/5.56, .45ACP, .308, and several others. This would be a great time to own a .38 special. I still see that caliber on the shelves, along with .357 magnum, .44magnum, and 10mm ... and for rifles, if you have a .243, or .270 you're sittin' pretty right now with abundant ammo still on the shelves. Just thought I would throw that out there. If there's no ammo to be had in 9mm, both of your guns will be useless.
Also, my wife has the same problem with "racking" a slide...she also has a hard time with DAO trigger pull being too tough. So we found a semi-auto .380 with a hammer - SIG P232.She can cock the hammer first and then racking the slide becomes much easier. Her's has a de-cocker to allow for one in the chamber carry. Once one is in the chamber and decocked...if she needs to pull it, she just cocks it and fires, or she can squeeze the DAO trigger if necessary.

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