Comment: It should be against the law

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It should be against the law

It should be against the law to incentivize Police Officers for the number of arrests they make or the number of tickets they write. If a community is behaving itself and not committing crime, I'm still OK paying my Police Officers with my property tax money, even if no one is being arrested because of good behavior. It means less of my tax money has to go to incarcerating people and that keeps my property tax down.

Legislators have to reduce the number of laws police have to enforce by Repealing many stupid laws and make cops jobs easier. Win Win for everybody.

What we really need in America is LAW REFORM!

The shear number of laws our legislators have made for us to abide by are too many. The list is too long. John Stossel did a good program on it, Illegal Everything. This needs to be fixed.