Comment: beautifully written, but...

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beautifully written, but...

I think you missed the point on most of it.

You seem to have forgotten what bastiat called the 'unseen'. When analyzing things you must look at both the seen and the unseen.

It's not libertarians, or liberties fault that there isn't more free market "social securities". The seen is the governments hogging all these resources, so you cannot rationally blame liberty when over half of their resources are being stolen.

People, rationally take care of their own (and basic) needs first. When a leviathan state destroys half their wealth that isn't the fault of them that society suffers.


Secondly this whole, "we need to beat them at their own game" is silly. They got into power by deceit. Being more deceptive isn't going to work, in fact you lose the second you try. The only way to defeat deceit is Truth. You can only beat darkness with light, not being darker.


Now, I completely agree that a collapse won't automatically bring about any "truth". TPTB think and are planning on maintaining (and gaining) power through the collapse (and probably will).

However, a collapse will cause pain, and create a huge opportunity as people look for "why" their is pain. Providing them with the 'social securities' is like giving them fish. Telling them the truth is like teaching them to fish, because the truth is the only thing that can set you free.