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You know how... was irritating when the Hannitys and Becks and O'Reillys trashed Dr. Paul over the newsletters, etc., using it as a political smear job without giving him the respect of explaining his views on their shows in a fair manner?

I get this same vibe from the people who are now running at the mouth with all kinds of wild accusations about the meaning of little snippets of North's words, caring little about what damage they may be doing to something that is genuinely good for the Liberty movement, and not having the respect to pause and research and clarify before shouting their disdain from the rooftops.

I'm not a reconstructionist or a post-millenialist, but I think these views are probably being heavily distorted here, being represented as some kind of vision of a totalitarian religious state, when it's probably just the idea of a voluntary society of like-minded believers being a 'city on the hill' that inspires others to emulate the example -- and eventually this reaching a tipping in point in a society where the blessings that come with it abound. Why not investigate a little more before verbally slashing the tires on this new vehicle for spreading Liberty?