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Comment: desperation. Liberty must be winning!

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desperation. Liberty must be winning!

Full of logical fallacies & demagoguery... slippery slope, cherry picked anecdotal "evidence" and strawman arguments.

Following the law of the land, US Constitution, won't end civilization. Move some responsibilities from gun wielding megalomaniac Federal Gov back to gun wielding semi-megalomaniac States and voluntary/peaceful private freemarkets.

What if freemarkets where allowed to work and medical care was cheaper like computers & cell phones? Maybe expensive medical care is an important market signal. High prices are telling people to get medical degrees. High profits tell private investors to direct their capital. Maybe Gov control scares good people out of the field. And price controls scare capital away from production causing shortages. Maybe we need less control from mindless bureaucrats. Maybe 310 million minds are better than ~600 politicans, 10,000 technocrats or even 100,000 PhDs!

Nobody said kick people off Gov doles. First cancel ObamaCare, get Fed Gov out of marriage & other civil liberties, Repeal Patriot Act, start bringing troops home from Europe, stop all future bailouts. Second, change FED's 2-3% planned inflation to a 0-(-0.01)% goal. Then let people opt-out of SS&MC. Allow them save money into private accounts. If unable or unwilling to go private, stay in the system. We won't steal money from your "lock-box" and y'all can equally divvy it up.

Churches are empty because Federal Gov is the new unholy temple. With a low-flat or no income tax hundreds of millions will flow into them. And with fewer or at least capped Fed vote-buying benefits people will start showing up to Church and/or secular groups. Church & secular groups can care for people more pennywise than Fed Gov. Fed Gov will pay a crackhead to be a crackhead for life.

We're electing politicans to fill a spot and stop increasing tranny. The process of undoing your guy's centralizing will take careful step by step thought. But the tide of tranny WILL END and it starts here.