Comment: solving the illegal alien problem

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solving the illegal alien problem

and it is illegal alien, not immigrant,

here is what needs to be done
1. end birthright citizenship of non-citizen parents
2. end all government subsidies, welfare, and special priviledges (for everyone but we can start with non-citizens)
3. get government and the fed out of the economy and end the wage and price manipulation and disconnect. also means no minimum wage, benefit requirements, unemployment payments, etc. This will cause a great deal of pain since our wages and price are so out of wack from where they would naturally be if we never had the fed or government interference in the economy and markets.
4. allow more work visas, but limit availability of citizenship to only those we want to keep. sorry we don't need more communists being able to vote, just self sufficient freedom lovers please. But you can work here, just no voting rights or other rights of citizens

well that's a start anyway. it won't be easy since the biggest issue is number 3 and that will be pain that nobody wants to admit or deal with. sorry, but no pain no gain.