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BS Propaganda!

Nice job repeating the propaganda big oil has been spewing for the last near hundred years. It's all BS! Nothing in that article is true about ethanol. Ethanol does not ruin engines it cleans them, it does not drive food prices up none of the grain used for ethanol is used for food. And after distillation the grain is a better high protein animal feed then before it was distilled. It only lowers mileage in older engines tuned for gasoline it burns cleaner and gives more power engines last 2-3 times as long as there is no carbon build up. That's why professional race car drivers use it. Most modern cars can computer adjust for tuning for ethanol now days. The only problem with ethanol is mixing gasoline with it. Its the gasoline that causes all the problems not the ethanol. And the 10% mix is about the worst mix you can get.

Ethanol is a major key to being energy independent. Gasoline is only about 20% efficient where as ethanol is over 80%

Educate yourselves. All the propaganda about how terrible ethanol is can be traced back to one professor on the the big oil payroll...

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