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Comment: that is some what the assumption..

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that is some what the assumption..

..that society will take care of itself. We are already heading in that direction. While individual societies tend toward totalitarianism, human progress tends toward liberty. You can see it after the fall of Rome, through the middle ages into the renaissance, the creation of the Magna Carta and then the founding of the United States.

Today, those of us that continue to study the philosophies of liberty have a much better understanding of it than our founders did, just as they had a better understanding than the Romans did. We have an economic system, we understand exactly where the establishment is going to encroach on the limits we set upon them and we have, in general, added to the defense of liberty. The state is destroying itself and the only thing that we can do is to educate the public and enact change as opportunities present themselves.

The people that caused the problems are the same people that believed that they had the devine right to rule over the peasants a couple of centuries ago. They are not going anywhere. Our perpetual task is to keep them away from authority over currency, civil liberies and military powers.

I am not just bad mouthing any plan and advising everyone to sit idly by and let nature take care of it. It is our drive to educate ourselves and those around us that will bring change to society. But to say that we should create our own establishment because without the presence of massive state sponsorship of poverty we will all suffer, is a position that I cannot endorse.

Many libertarian scholars have proposed ways to ease out of the welfare state. That is most obviously not going to happen. So we will have to watch it collapse and make a stand. Our only choice is to educate as many people as we can.