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they make them; it's just that you have to use "moon clips"

just as you would have to do for .45ACP in a slightly modified chamber gauged for .410, .45LC, and/or .454Casull, or in a S&W Governor:

Taurus still makes them:

While I'd be cautious about their semi-autos other than their 1911 line and the receiver mounted safety Beretta variants, which are proven designs, their revolvers on the other hand, do have a pretty good reputation.

Also, if you're into Emilio Ghisoni's Mateba Unica 6 and its 6 'o clock bore, Chiappa Rhino also comes in a 9mm/.357mag version, and a .40S&W, too:

yup, only an Italian would bother designing a 'semi-auto-revolver'!!! it rotates the cylinder via recoil, not by a typical double action trigger pull.

Why? Um, because they're Italians! Any questions?

It's like why do Italians design everything & anything? Because they can! lol.

But unless you can reload like Jerry Miculek under real-life dynamic stress, for defensive purposes, if one is truly serious about defensive use of a firearm, the only revolver on me would be a tertiary backup, not as a primary, nor a secondary, IMO.

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