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I'd reccomend....

that you buy her a Makarov in 9x18mm instead of looking for a 9mm revolver.

You can buy a Russian IJ-70 commercial export Makarov for $200-$300 bucks, or a Bulgarian mil-spec Makarov for $250-$350.

Also in 9x18mm you can get a CZ-82 for $200-$250, it is similar in design to the genuine Makarovs but it has a 12+1 capacity as opposed to the Makarov's 8+1 capacity.

They are great concealed carry pistols, but you can go even smaller with the 9x18mm cartridge if you wanted, and buy a Polish P64.

9x18 Makarov ammunition can be bought for as cheap as $12 for 50 cartridges.

Makarov pistols are very economical, yet sacrifice no quality in their design or lethality.

They are very well built pistols, and the 9x18mm round is very potent.

I myself own a Bulgarian Makarov and it is the gun I carry.

Here's a good video on Makarov pistols:

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