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Comment: Paradigm Shift

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Paradigm Shift

The hundredth monkey effect, Ron Paul knows. Why do you think he is focusing on the kids? Besides, once you are awake you can't go back to sleep. If you can't change the world change yourself and the way you live. Screw the corporations out of profit by boycotting their garbage as much as possible. Take care of yourself so you don't need so much medical care. Grow and eat your OWN food so they can't poison you with theirs. That's what they fear. That's why it is so easy to be a "homeland terrorist" these days. A homeland terrorist is ANYONE that wants to not suck on the government tit! When enough people do these things then society can change. I just hope we have time. Anyway, things CAN'T keep going like they have been. It's IMPOSSIBLE to keep being a world of consumers. The planet can't keep supplying the lust for "junk". Sooner or later every host dies from being fed on.