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Comment: I pretty much endorse every word

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I pretty much endorse every word

written in this great post. Very well done! My first suggestion to all libertarians/anarcho-capitalists would be to stop whining and begin taking steps to getting out of the harms way of collectivists that run their daily lives, by not just preaching about but living their lives as a free people as much as possible. Move to a corner of the world with small(est) government footprint, pay the least amount of taxes possible, acquire and hold sound money, make your money work for you - not the other way around ... The consequences of continuing to feed the collectivist machine that gambles with your money and life will (as is so well explained in the above article) in due time come down hard on you with a vengeance; just think of the people who are retiring now - how well off they are.

Once you are out of the harms way, then you can have so much more time to actively promote ideas of freedom around the world. And you will have yourself as a great example of freedom at work to show for.

Greetings from Hong Kong!

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