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Case In Point

my neighbors know I am awake. One called me yesterday to ask me whether or not I had seen Obama on TV saying that the government and he represented the people because they had elected him. (he said that but we all know it's complete BS) anyway, I told her that I had seen that garbage days before online and that I could send her the info at which point she decided she didn't have enough time EVER to watch that kind of stuff. (I send her stuff now and then and it usually only takes about 5 minutes to watch or read the stuff I send. She has LOADS of time to watch TV, party, or talk on the phone but never 5 minutes to learn something important online. I have other neighbors like that too. I think they just can't face the truth around them. It messes with their heads too much. Back to the neighbor who called, she CALLED ME wanting info and then declined to take it when it was offered. Waking up because she HAS to but afraid to do so.